KIND Kid Harley:
A Winner in the Fight Against Bullying


Harley Rinehart, Winner of Violence Prevention Essay Contest, with Dayton Prosecuting Attorney Matt Heck

Awards Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 16, 2012.

The Kids In New Directions program is proud to have a winner within the top 10 for The 22nd Annual Violence Prevention (VPP). Harley Rinehart was recognized on May 16, 2012 for her essay “Don’t Be a Bully.” Dayton’s Prosecuting Attorney Mathias H. Heck, Jr. presented the awards at the Masonic Temple of Dayton. This year, the VPP received more than 2000 entries from students representing 26 schools in Montgomery County. During the ceremony they acknowledged the top winners.

The Violence Prevention Project began in 1990 to offer information about alternatives to violence as a means to solving problems. The close connection between violence and the use of illegal drugs soon led to a discussion about alternatives to drugs as well as violent behavior and bullying. And, with the increased access to electronic technology it was necessary to include the subject of internet safety. The education programs and this contest have been used to encourage members of our community, particularly our youth, to promote positive behavior.

The posters and essays they received during this year’s contest prove that the youth are aware of the problems that exist and have messages to share. Hopefully, these messages will promote others to consider peaceful resolutions to problems.

Congratulations, Harley Rinehart, for a job well done!

Paige,Mayor Rhine McLin

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KIND Kid Wins Big!

Paige Anderson, a relative newcomer to KIND, took advantage of every program offered at KIND and in doing so found her niche and it released the artist in her.  Paige, who had recently come to live with her grandmother joined KIND in the fall of 2008 and immediately signed up for tutoring, woodcarving and the weekly field trip to the Dayton Art Institute where she became involved in the National Weed and Seed Poster Competition.  Paige’s ability to relate the KIND experience and the influence of her grandmother came out in such a way that it led her to a first place finish in the competition.  Paige was recognized September 9th at Memorial UCC with a dinner in her honor and numerous awards.  Many state and local officials were in attendance as well as staff and clergy from the KIND program.  We are all so proud of Paige and her accomplishments.  This is a prime example of what a program like ours and the love of others can do in the transformation of a young person’s life.  Congratulations Paige you are a winner in more ways than one.