Our Staff

Pastor Ed Fox

Pastor Ed Fox

Pastor Ed Fox serves as Executive Director of the KIND program. He is also our pastor at Memorial Church. Ed is passionate about helping the children and teens of the east end of Dayton and works daily to improve and advance our youth programs.

Our Program: K - 12th Graders


Tamara Madison: K – 12th Leader

Tamara joined KIND after serving as a volunteer. Her talents are endless. She has the abilities needed to run a children’s ministry. She now leads the children’s program and has made it a complete success. Tamara can do anything she sets out to accomplish. The children love her dearly and the parents have grown to know and trust her. Among Tamara’s many talents is her desire to help in any way possible. She always puts the children first and because of that, she is the perfect person for our “Children’s Leader.”

Kayla Leverette: K - 12th Program

Kayla has been a part of KIND for more than 6 years. She is a very talented young lady that has endless love for the children. She always brings a smile to your day. Kayla continues to be a rising star at KIND and we hope that she stays at KIND for many more years. She is a blessing to our organization.

Erica Rinehart: Fundraising Coordinator

Erica has been at KIND for five years now. She started as a children’s staff member to being our Fundraising Coordinator. Erica brings in funding to the KIND program so that we can offer a number of different programs. She acquires this money through grant writing, donations, and fundraisers.