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Carmen is originally from St. Louis and has lived in Dayton since 1993. She graduated from Beavercreek High School and studied ecological agriculture at Evergreen State College. She has worked 5 years as a fish cutter for Foremost Seafood where she has bonded with her coworkers and grown accustomed to the 35 degree cooler and marine aroma! She also serves as the youth leader at her church. Carmen joined KIND in 2017 after learning about the need for volunteers through her pastor. She has helped the kids with homework, led them on hiking and swimming excursions, and taught them how to manage the KIND garden, all the while teaching about God’s ways through experiences with nature. Carmen loves anything outdoors and is just waiting on some tectonic plates to shift so Ohio can get some mountains! She aspires to someday travel the world.

Math Teacher

Carmen Rafdal

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Angela graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in molecular biology and from University of Cincinnati with an MS in educational leadership. She has worked 5 years as a high school science teacher with Dayton Public Schools and 8 years with the Dublin Latchkey afterschool enrichment program. She joined KIND in 2018, where she teaches math and loves the cultural diversity and ability to share her faith in Christ with students. As a hobby, Angela enjoys art and painting.


Angela Rowe


Paula was born in Colorado, but growing up in a military family she does not consider herself to be “from” anywhere. After stops in Texas, California, New York, and even Germany, she settled in the Dayton area in 1987. She graduated from Cedarville College with a degree in elementary education and a minor in Bible. Originally planning to work with deaf students, she took time off after college to start her family and launched her own embroidery design and education business. Paula joined KIND in February 2019 and works mainly with the reading program. She loves to see kids of all ages developing and asking questions! Her husband is Japanese and she hopes to move to Japan in 2020 or 2021. Still learning Japanese, she can really relate to our students who are learning English as a second language.


Paula Yagisawa

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Anna is originally from Kettering and remained in the area after graduating from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. She is currently working as an ESL teacher for Dayton Public Schools and joined KIND in 2019, where she teaches creative writing. She enjoys being outside, hiking, and riding her bike.

Art Teacher

Anna Harbough

Tim grew up mainly in Maryland and has lived in the Dayton area since 2012. He graduated from Asbury University with a degree in business management. Tim worked previously at Catholic Social Services in the refugee resettlement program and served as a consultant to other nonprofits. He joined KIND in 2019 to be part of the team that fosters a fun and safe learning environment for area kids. Tim has travelled through most of Central America and the Caribbean, has spent a fair share of time in the vegetable garden, jumps at any invitation to play sports, and in many ways has never stopped being a kid.


Tim Honchel

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Nancy has been with KIND since 2018.  She is an ESL teacher with Dayton Public Schools and works with younger elementary children.  She attended high school in Puerto Rico and has taught English in China. She has a Master of Education degree and completed a Teacher of English as a Second Language Graduate Certificate.  When not busy teaching, she enjoys gardening, camping and cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes during football season. Nancy and her daughter currently reside in Dayton. 


Nancy L. McSherry


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